Wig Caps for All Wig Types

There are different types of wig caps to choose from. This is the foundation of the wig and it must be flexible for the wearer and at the same time durable. The most recent wig caps are lighter, more long-lasting, and closely mimics the natural  scalp form and appearance. Whenever you choose a wig, it is important that you also choose what the wigs caps are made of.

There are many wig types designed to accommodate caps, and each of them have their advantages and disadvantages. There are also different techniques for each wig cap to be attached to the head.

100% Hand Tied Wig Caps

Hands weave these custom wig caps; no machine is used for the construction of this cap. Hand tying is a grueling process, and it manually attaches each fiber of hair onto the wig cap.

One main advantage of 100% hand tied wig is that it provides a natural looking wig appearance when latched onto the head, and the individual hairs won’t be tugged at easily.

It has the most variety of styling options and can be styled easily as the hairs gently tug on the cap. It is the softest among wig caps, so it is appropriate for those with sensitive scalps. To some, this cap  wigs to One of its disadvantages is that it should be carefully styled and parted to hide the wig cap away from other’s view.


Monofilament cap or Mono-Top Wigs

The construction of the wig cap resembles the appearance of a real scalp, because the hair is actually growing from the scalp. A breathable and thin fabric is attached to the front hairline of the head. The top side is woven to provide comfort and proper ventilation on the scalp.

It reduces irritation and itchiness caused by the synthetic hairs attached to the cap. Moisture builds up, and heat is reduced when wearing this type of wig cap because of its intricate construct.

It is most sought after by those who have hair loss problems because of its wearability. The wig would also look natural when wearing a monofilament cap.

However, it comes at a hefty price. You can have a monofilament part where it only a monofilament weaving in a small area, monofilament crown where only the area of the crown is monofilament weaved, and the monofilament top where the top only has monofilament weaving.

basiccapBasic Cap

The basic cap is made with the aid of a machine. It is heavier than other wig caps because the materials used is synthetic and cheap. It is the most affordable of all wig caps but it is durable, so you won’t have to worry about easily getting it destroyed.

The hair layers are open-wafted at the sides and back. This process enables the wearer to be comfortable and for her scalp to breathe’.

It can have a closed lace layer near the crown area. The crown hair is a bit crimped and teased to allow the cap to be hidden from view. With this cap, the hairs would look to have more volume and lift. Another disadvantage of this cap is that you can easy sweat because it tends to feel warm. 


caplessCapless Wigs

Capless wigs are wigs that have low maintenance wig caps because there is nothing to be maintained. The hair wefts, wafted by a machine, have varying degrees for the cap to be attached to the head.

The wig is considered capless if there is an open wafting from 20-75% of the wig. Open-weft wigs can have a high percentage as more than 90%, and it will then be called Full capless.

Open wafting makes the wig more breathable and cooler, and it allows the wearer to have comfortability when worn.

Other Types of Wig Caps

Lace Front Wigs have front laces on the hairlines on the wig. Other parts of the cap can be made with monofilament, hand-tied, or standard.

It has a natural look and feel to it as if the hair is growing out from the scalp. The hairs can be 100% human hair but can also be mixed with synthetic fiber.

Skin top wigs, on the other hand, are pricey wigs that are comfortable to the wig wearer. It is quite gone nowadays because its features are akin to monofilament wig caps, which are more affordable than skin tops.

In a skin top, each hair is implanted into a plastic base by hand or a machine. The implanting is at random areas on the wig so that it would look more natural. Discover all you need to know here on wigtypes and wig selection.