What is Remy hair?

Remy hair

The term “Remy” refers to the characteristics of the hair and the method used to produce the hair extensions. Basically, “100% Human Hair” is a good product, then “Remy Hair” is even better, and “Virgin Indian Remy” is the best.

Remy Hair is bundled in such a fashion the roots of the hair are on one side and the tip on the other side. The hairs remain undisturbed, making them long lasting and more durable since all the hair cuticles are put into an identical direction.
This hair does not always mean Virgin hair, in fact that is seldom meant by it. Although the two terms are used synonymously, they may be very different in meanings.

  • Yaky Hair: Is called Routine comfortable or Yaky or Regular Yaky yaky. Yaky is made to seem like typical African American hair that is relaxed and isn’t as silky as the Remy hair, the strands are thicker.
  • Virgin hair means that it’s hair so pure that it’s never been processed or treated, EVER. That means the donors colored or have never within their lifetime gone into a salon to get their hair curled!
  • Peruvian, Brazilian, Mongolian, Chinese, and Italian hair are all a kind of hair that is Virgin. The hair is not processed and 100% natural and free of any damage to the cuticles. The hair usually comes from your specific nation it is named after.
  • European hair is accumulated in the CIS states; they consist of what was used to be the Soviet Union. The primary difference of this hair consists they have natural right European colours, from dark brown to light-blond. The structure of the hair is thin and sleek. European hair combines well with women of European decent.

The truth is, 97% of all human hair out there’s been chemically treated in one kind or another. Just forget about what’s not and what’s virgin, and concentrate on attaining quality hair for you and your customers. The one essential key you need to understand is how it’s being processed and treated.

Katie-piper-remy-wigREMY has qualities including unilateral cuticle direction, which basically means the hair follicles go in one single way. Remy hair is gathered in a process in which all hair strands stay aligned in the natural direction as it grew (i.e. holding the h
air in a ponytail and cutting), top at top, and ends at ends, to maintain the natural texture pattern and cuticle direction. This eliminates tangling problems commonly present in non- low quality hair or Remy. Remy hair is just processed. REMY Human Hair extensions should continue up with regular maintenance.

Due to the approach of creating Remy hair, this kind of hair is in short supply and is consequently not cheap to make a wig out of.