The differences between front lace wigs, full lace wigs and whole lace wigs

What Are Front Lace Wigs?

Example of a lace front wig

Example of a lace front wig

Lace front human hair wigs are made from real human hair or synthetic fibers. The hair is tied by hand onto a lace, sheer base. These wigs are not designed to cover the entire head.

Instead, they are made to cover only the front, and they only run from one ear to the next. The  best frontal wigs are designed so that you cannot tell where the lace begins or ends, making it look completely natural, especially to the untrained eye.

Front lace wigs are not just put on like many other wigs. Instead,they have to be bonded to the individuals hair with a special adhesive. After the adhesive bonds to the hair, the wig can stay in for as long as a week if the person so desires.

What helps sell the illusion that the wig is real hair is the fact that there is a kind of baby hair near the temple areas. This covers up any possibly visible lace near the forehead.

It is essential to mention that front lace wigs should be chosen based on the shape of the individual’s face and its structure. When used correctly, a wig should complement one’s facial features.

Quality wigs should also never be put into a ponytail. This will pull the wig back and make it obvious that the wearer is wearing a wig. A front lace wig cannot be styled easily either. This is because the lace is in the front half of the wig.

Complete Lace Wigs

Complete lace wigs are similar to front lace because they have a lace base which human or synthetic lace is hand sewn into. However, they differ in that complete lace wigs envelop the person’s head rather than only being attached to the front of the hairline.

Full lace wigs offer a little more flexibility to the individuals in terms of styling options, but there is a trade-off because complete lace wigs are a little bit easier to spot as wigs. This is because it is easier to spot where the lace cap begins, thereby creating a more defined hairline that can look fake if not handled correctly.

In this scenario, some extra styling may be a good idea in order to mask this fact. Hairstyles such as ponytails can be used more readily, and adhesive is not usually required to sell the look.


Whole Lace Wigs

completelaceAnother popular term for complete lace wigs is “whole lace wigs”. There is no real difference between a complete lace wig and a whole lace wig.

It needs to be said, however, that sometimes a less than reputable company may try to sell wigs that are basically the same under different names at higher prices as a means of skimming extra money.

Finding the best wig for you can seem like a daunting task. Everything from fitting to texture is important and not to be overlooked. However, it is really simple to evaluate what you want for your look.

You will likely not find a wig that is everything you want it to be for every hairstyle. That is why so many wig wearers have multiple wigs. If you want something you can style to achieve different looks, for instance, going with natural hair is best. Honestly, evaluating your needs and wants will help to better guide you to your perfect wig.