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What Causes Thinning Hair? Thinning Hair Treatment

What causes thinning hair

Discovering what causes Thinning hair is now becoming an issue that is faced by men and women. According to the America hair loss association, it is approximated that women face about 40 percent of the hair loss experience. Unfortunately, there are now proven ways of treating hair thinning.

Unlike other serious hair loss agents, hair thinning is more gradual and does not result to complete baldness. While the severe hair loss ends up with exposed patches, the thinning hair means that hair remains, but there is a point where the scalp looks exposed beneath.

Losing hair as a woman and especially when you are young or at the vulnerable age of your life can really affect your confidence badly. Many people consider hair as the most important part of how one looks.

Jackie McKillop says that there is some social stigma attached to going bald in women. Hair loss can severely affect your sensuality and the way you perceive yourself. There are usually emotional trials when hair loss happens.

As women, we are raised to take pride on our hair, and some of us place their worth on it. While every woman is beautiful and unique in her own ways regardless of the hair texture, maintaining it can create wonders for self-esteem and confidence.

Many women will have questions whether their partners will still love them or just walk away. Some of these women tend to be socially reclusive and give up on enjoyable activities such as going to gym and swimming because they are afraid of entering the communal rooms in fear of their hair loss being discovered

Coping With Hair Loss

Addressing the psychological issue of hair loss is critical. When you have lost part of your hair, even if it is temporary, life must go on and will be much easier when you accept what has happened and learn to cope with your altered appearance.

How you cope up with looking yourself in the mirror largely depends on your coping strategies, self-esteem, support around you, and most importantly, your personality. It is quite important to promote positivity in life.

The best way to cope up with hair loss is by socializing with people with the same problem and learning how they cope up with the situation themselves. You should know that hair thinning is a common problem and affects many people; not only you. Go online and join these forums and you will get the full support.

Talked to Your Friends and family

You should discuss your hair loss issue with your friends, loved ones, and family, preferably on early stages. Let them know exactly the way you feel and the type of support you need from them. If you find the issue affecting your partner, go for therapy or couple counseling and by so doing you may find help.

Cover Up
Covering your hair with wigs, weave, and some hair extension is the most interesting part. Most women go for this method since it is an immediately available way. You can have weaves and wigs designed to blend with your hair, which gives you a thicker looking hair without any damage to the few existing hair.

The cost of buying wigs is cheaper than going for surgeries. Its cost varies depending on the fiber and quality of the wigs. The latest innovation in the synthetic industry is the production of natural looking wigs which are cheap and look just like the real human hair.

The prize of the best wig is comparable to the prize of cheap hair weaves and processed hair extension. You should never allow the situation to dominate your life; use the hair wigs and weaves.

You will be amazed when they finish fitting them on your head. After fitting the wigs, you will swim, shower, go for blow dries and can also use the hair products like any other woman. You will just feel like yourself again.

Regardless of the method you are going to choose in dealing with your hair loss issue, it is very important that you see a doctor to advise you about treatment and determining what causes thinning hair. Avoid miracle cures that your friends might be encouraging you to use, stick to the product that your doctor recommended you.