African American Wigs: Why Are They So Common?

Why African American Women Love Wigs

Wigs are a large industry unto themselves because they help to boost confidence among African American women.

Wigs are not about hiding flaws or giving their wearer something to hide behind. Instead, wigs are a means of bringing out inner confidence by getting them closer to the goal of looking as good on the outside as they feel on the inside.

They allow a woman to have the look that best matches her persona, or they can simply serve to amplify their natural, everyday look.

Wigs are incredibly versatile and are ultimately used in whatever way the wearer sees fit. There is no singular good reason for wigs. Instead, numerous good reasons suit the individual.

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Wigs Are Easy

One of the biggest reasons why african american wigs are so popular is because they are incredibly convenient.

Think about all of the time and efforts that come with trying to undo tangles, use the right amount of hairspray, and just getting your hair looking perfect.

Now imagine that all you have to do is pull your hair back and put your hair on, almost like a hat.

Sure, there may be a few adjustments but for the most part, a wig takes virtually all of the difficulty out of styling your hair, especially if you buy a wig that comes in a pre-made hairstyle.

Wigs are also convenient because they allow for easy experimentation with different styles and colors. It can take a lot of commitment to choose one hair color so being able to try it out in wig form to see what it will look like can be a big help.

If you find that you are indecisive and cannot just choose one color then you can decide to use multiple wigs and simply swap them out. Alternatively, wigs can also help you hone your skills as a hairstylist.

The truth is that many women believe that wigs are very manageable, and that is definitely true. You do not have to take some of the same considerations with a wig that you would with your natural hair.

You do not have to worry about combing it very much throughout the day. At most, you may have to reposition or straighten it out, but this can be taken care of in a manner of seconds. In this manner, wigs are not only stylish, but they are also highly practical.

Dealing With Hair Damage With Wigs

Hair damage is an unfortunate thing that many African American women have to deal with. The sad part is that there are numerous factors that can lead to hair loss, which are seemingly innocent. For example, just wearing your hair down can cause damage by rubbing against your clothes.

Other factors such as lack of moisture and too much exposure to heat can cause significant damage. It can sometimes seem like constant mindfulness is required to prevent damage but the truth is that the damage can be reduced.

The best way to reduce damage to your hair is to simply add moisture into the mix. You want to use leave-in conditioners. Protein treatments are also very helpful. Perhaps the best items to use are moisturizing shampoos.

Wigs can help to reduce damage by keeping your hair out of direct sunlight. This prevents a level of heat that damages your hair from developing. It can also contribute to lock in moisture while you wear the wig, which promotes healthier hair.

Hair Growth Benefits of Wigs

There is a misconception that African American women wear wigs because they do not grow hair rapidly. This is due to the fact that African American is actually quite delicate and has to be handled accordingly. Fortunately, wigs can actually promote exponential hair growth acceleration.

This is because the wig actually protects the hair from outside elements while also creating the conditions required for the hair to recover from prior damage. This is where wigs merge fashion and functionality the most.

The wig industry for African American women is one that will only get bigger because in many ways the surface has only been scratched as to what can be done. There are always new styles and even technology that goes into creating wigs, and as long as there are confident women to wear them, they will always be around.