8 Tricks to Wearing Wigs in the Summer

Wearing a wig or other hairpiece can be a great way to have the hair you’ve always dreamed of.

In any case, if you aren’t accustomed to wearing hair replacement pieces on a regular basis, it can be uncomfortable, at least right away. 

If you’re presently wearing a weft framework, I ask you to plan a free consultation to take a gander at an all hand-tied hair replacement framework. Hand-tied wigs are lighter; the development is more breathable, and it makes a huge distinction in your solace level; especially on hot days.

Additionally, on the off chance that you have a polyurethane base material, you may want to think about requesting as another framework with either a mono-filament work or lace development base; these are both more breathable and add additional ventilation. 

Also, I blogged about this before yet it bears repeating that the “Cool Gel Comfy Grip” Therapeutic headband is PERFECT for keeping cool. It creates space between your hair framework and your scalp, which allows for increased air stream AND you can place it in the cooler and make it icy and scrumptious before putting it around your head to use in lieu of tape. My customers adore that it feels gentler and more comfortable on their bare scalp.

The Comfy Grip will: 
•Prevent Pressure Sores 
•Dissipate Body Heat 
•Reduce Skin Shear 
•Conform to Help Cushion Pressure Points 
•Will not Absorb Body Fluids or Oils 
•Self-Healing, Will Not Leak if Punctured 

To help you wear your wig even more comfortably, especially amid the hot summer months; these tips ought to offer assistance. 

Consider Synthetic 

Many individuals who wear hairpieces incline toward human or remy hair. While these wigs tend to look more natural, they are also thicker, which can make your hair replacement piece feel hot in the late spring. For the most sizzling months of the year, consider utilizing engineered hair instead. 

Pick Shorter Styles 

Wigs are available in a wide variety of styles. Some individuals may choose long styles for various reasons, yet these hairpieces are also much more smoking. When you are searching for a cooler choice, there are a lot of adorable short styles to browse. 

Wash It Regularly

 Washing hair replacement pieces on a daily basis isn’t usually necessary. In fact, washing them in excess can cause damage and abundance wear and tear. Nevertheless, amid the late spring months, it is ideal to wash your hairpieces more regularly to expel overabundance oils and sweat caused by the rising temperatures. 

Avoid Direct Heat 

On the off chance that you are investing a ton of energy outside this late spring, it may be hard to avoid direct daylight, which can cause damage to wigs. Wearing a hat or a scarf can make a significant contrast in your solace level while wearing one of these hairpieces. In addition, don’t store your hair replacement pieces where they will be exposed to top heat, for example, near a window or in your car. 

Attempt Stretch Cap Wigs 

Traditional caps on wigs are regularly made from a material that doesn’t breathe well. This means that you could easily overheat amid the most sweltering months of the year. For these situations, having a wig with a stretch cap that support ventilation can help you feel cooler and more comfortable without surrendering your favorite hair pieces. 

Braid Longer Hair 

Whether you just have long hairpieces or you simply favor longer hair, braiding your wig can be the ideal choice for staying comfortable this mid-year. Ponytails don’t frequently function admirably for wigs because they can create an unnatural look. Braids look more natural and allow you to control your more extended hair and keep cool.

 Attempt a New Color 

Dark hair replacement pieces may be your typical style; however summer is a great time to have a go at something new. Consider purchasing hairpieces in lighter shades to wear when the weather is hot. The lighter hues won’t absorb the heat of the sun and can create a fun new look. 

Wearing a wig is a great way to change your look. Notwithstanding, with regards to wigs amid the late spring months, they can be hot. Consider these tips to keep you cooler and comfortable in your hairpieces. 

Wig Cap Liners and Hat Liners 

Hold a calm attitude under wigs and hats with our Liner, on even the most smoking day! Made of delicate Cool Comfort™ Wick-Away cotton, with a touch of poly that adapts to hot flashes by wicking perspiration away from your skin to the fabric where it rapidly evaporates. 

Seams are on the outside to secure your delicate scalp. Hand wash. Imported in 2 comfortable sizes in Beige and Chocolate. Sold as a Pair, 2 Beige or 2 Chocolate.

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